Towards the Realm of Nothingness (Remastered Version)

by Aethyr

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Vikki Lloyd
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Vikki Lloyd Love the album. If you like Wintersun, try this. Favorite track: Realm of Nothingness.
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released November 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Aethyr Valencia, Spain

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Track Name: Awaken the Northstar
I have lost my north, it's time to leave for me
Sleeping in lethargy, I'm afraid it's time for me tonight
No turning back!

Beneath the moon of my nights, I swear...
I give my life now to you
Raise with the wind till the skyline, so far...
Crying your name, you'll be my star!

Rise, from the north, where the stars are awakening,
from the ashes of the ember of men

I've been struggling my whole life against these walls of time and...
I can hear the echoes of mighty voices, calling me tonight!

I can tear this away, these walls are made of fears,
I can feel it into my heart of pain
All can fade away, is a dream or is this real?
It is real and my sky is grey

Rise and shine, has awakened my northstar, you'll be my guide!
Falling, no fears, nothing to say, so take me far away
Through this winter, reaching the sky on this silent night
Something within, heating myself, proclaiming the perfection of my fate!

It’s time for me tonight…
Begin the rain of stars…

Coming the whirl of lights so shining,
drifting away from the seas of my life
Take my hand and fly, we can shine together

Follow the voice in the night, so we can shine together,
Follow the light in the dark, so we can shine together, so we can shine forever!
Track Name: Lullaby to a Mourning Moon
Drops of black water, my sweetest demise
Once your touch wet all my fingers yet dry
"Don't cry little moon, do not flood my wounds"
Just sleep in my sky

Begging to stay in the seas of your arms
I drown into shadows again
Please don't forget I will sing in your name
Because nightfall turns all into black

Wasting off my last breath
Till the sun lights your face

You have awaken my stars, my path with your light is not dark
Rise and shine, don't cry, please no,
I cannot wander those seas

Don't leave me now! This night will be darker without you
There is a place behind the sun for us, Forever!

Lay down and close your eyes, sleep while you can
Spirits of sorrow have no one to hear
Forget all the past and come to my realm, were nothingness reigns!
Track Name: Journey of the Forsaken Dreamer
When the sun is gone and moon is dead
Upon the whispers of the trees... I'm laying down!
Among the moonlight and solace
Down from the sky on the winter's might!

The cold has come forever, and the spark is falling into depths
When the sun has risen, I'll be no longer here

As all my memories fade away
Nothing more will lie ahead

I will walk a million miles far away from here
Where light is gone and shadows born from me
I fade away, I cannot see

The snow will fall forever, and the sun has lost the light
Will the sadness free my mind or will drown it until death?

My forsaken dreamer, lost in misty shadows...

With honour, desire, your dreams will perish in fire

As I am doomed in my own mind, I will disappear!

Lost in despair… We will not fall in our path to our victory

“In this battle, no weapons can be unsheathed, because the time will reduce them to dust”

Ride away… to the skyline…
Where the stars… guide your way

The skies won’t shine forever, and the time is fading black
When the stars rain fire, my heart will bleed for them

My forsaken dreamer, lost in misty shadows...
Track Name: The Chosen One
Lost in this new lands, I wander through the stars
Far beyond from the nightmare of this winter night

Destroying the walls of time
Frightening the mistress of the light

Now! I'm not alone into the seas of shading sun
Undercover atmospheres are arising me, from the shadows!

Rise! In the name of northern darkness
I call my souls, come at my side
Fight! For the day that you'll reborn
From the fire in this earth

Rise! In the name of northern darkness
I call my souls, come by my side
Fight! For the day that you'll reborn
From the fire in this earth

So cold as ice, I’ll be the chosen one!
Track Name: Wanderer
Now I am the solitary one, along the ice-cold seas
Lifeless shadows call my name, whispers of past-time

Riding the mountains of my life, through the withering mist,
Lost... In... My own head

"Far away from this lands
My memories remain unbound"

Rise! From the ashes of the empires to the realms of mighty pale, winter be my light

Lost in the lands of the almighty spirits, on the edge of the world
I will wander this seas through the aeons of time, till the end of the days

I will never look behind, the traces have become so faint, and I’m so blind

Farewell to the old days
Now the stars don't shine as well
I stare... I stand... And the sky will never be the same

Yesterday a tear fell in my eyes, and I saw how it froze inside my mind, it felt like ice...
Track Name: Realm of Nothingness
My eyes all alone, where the sky is drowning me
Praying to the darkness not to take you away from me
The long road goes ever, on a on
Now far ahead, the road has gone

Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars
Just a thin spark will guide my path to…

Emptiness in my journey to nothingness

Fade away, get this death away from me,
Awaken in this world of sadness, wrath and hate

Now my death is my reborn,
my blood is fire to the woods of my disgrace
and shall return
To the old lands, of mighty pale
The man who stands alone, now this is me, I march into flames till the end